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  • Perl Interactive Query Tool  v.0.29An interactive query tool using the Perl DBI databse interface. Provides online help, optional ReadLine support, simple scripting abilities and easy ...
  • Interactive Instruction Tool  v.1.0A tool for creating standalone interactive instructions. A way to easily combine text with images to quickly describe how to carry out a certain task, in an enduser computer application.
  • Game Editor  v.1.3.9Game Editor is an interactive multimedia tool for game development, with a simple and intuitive interface and a rich set of features.
  • RadBuilder  v.3.5RadBuilder is a complete rapid application development (RAD) tool to create interactive multimedia applications, database applications and Web applications for Windows - without programming.
  • New magic rituals: subconscious techniques  v.1.5New magic rituals: subconscious techniques. Interactive multimedia software for self-improvement and solving personal problems.
  • PostgreSQL database query tool  v.0.0.1PgQuery is an interactive GUI tool for querying PostgreSQL databases. After connecting to a database server you can open views and tables, send custom sql statements, export the result to CSV (local file) or send it to KSpread to open it as a ...
  • Open Remote Collaboration Tool, OpenRCT  v.1.6.0OpenRCT is a multidisciplinary effort to enhance collaboration between people who are not co-located in time and space. It is a platform independent, multimedia tool that supports synchronous and/or asynchronous communication.
  • Free interactive digital magazine builder  v.4.1With the advent of the information age, traditional media is difficult to adapt the requirement of getting real-time, interactive, efficient and a full range of transmission. The emergence of interactive multimedia precisely solves this problem.
  • HandPOINTERS Commercial Edition  v.1.0HandPOINTERS is a professional on-screen marker for interactive multimedia presentations, conferences and multimedia classes in general.
  • AutoRun Pro Enterprise  v. complete rapid application development (RAD) tool to create interactive multimedia applications, attractive and professional autorun CD menus and publish your presentations, documents, files and software on portable media such as CDs/DVDs/USBs.
  • M2CD Pro  v.2.0m2CD Pro is an easy-to-use multimedia presentation authoring tool that lets anyone create cool interactive multimedia projects that work as well in the classroom as it does in the boardroom. Distribute your projects on CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, laptop or even ...
  • MediaMixer 4  v.4.04Create without programming successful interactive multimedia presentations.Assemble your digital media (pictures, sounds, videos, texts, html pages) in a grid of 61 lines (sound, video, images, texts, animations, character, panorama, hot zones, long ...
  • Leo  v. is an interactive help tool that can assist you operate any supported software application. Currently, Leo supports Microsoft Office 2007, iTunes, FireFox, and Facebook. In the near future, Leo will support many other applications. With Leo you ...
  • TriPointer Personal Edition  v.1.0TRIPOINTER is a professional vectorial on-screen marker for multimedia classes, interactive multimedia presentations, meetings, web conferences (with desktop sharing) and webinars. TRIPOINTER presents details with extreme precision and comfort by ...
  • Glaos  v.1.1Glaos is an interactive SQL tool for PocketPC, now it supports MS SQL, InterBase/Firebird and MySQL. Developers and admins can use standard SQL commands to access and manage data on desktop servers. 3-tier architecture of Glaos is secure and fast.
  • AMI Presentation Wizard  v.2.0a.17Build distributable, self-displaying, interactive multimedia slide shows, photo albums, brochures, advertisements and portfolios that display on Windows systems. Transform your pictures, sounds, animations and ideas into professional presentations.
  • Arabic School Software  v.1.0Learn Arabic Fast and easy - offers interactive multimedia Arabic lessons suitable for beginners, and ideal for children.
  • Atoms, Bonding and Structure  v.2.0Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software. Topics include: elements, compounds, mixtures, atomic structure, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, bond energies and the Periodic Table.
  • Atoms, Symbols and Equations  v.4.0Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software that tests students as they learn. Topics include: elements, atoms and molecules, word equations, chemical symbols, Periodic Table, chemical formulas, balancing chemical equations.
  • Cresotech PocketPoint  v.1.40Ein PDA-basiertes Multimedia-Tool zur schnellen und einfachen Erstellung von Präsentationen. Wählen Sie die gewünschten Fotos für Ihre Playlist und genießen großartige Show!
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